Seamless steel tubes


The first seamless pipes were manufactured in Germany in 1890 by the pilgrim rolling method. It consists in using a working roller to make cuts in the material. Thus, any joints (seams) can be avoided, and the quality of the product obtained is much higher.

The starting material in the production process are the so-called ingots (round, square or polygonal). The ingots are heated and then perforated (rolled), resulting in a thick-walled sleeve. The strength of the pipe is ultimately determined by the quality of the material used (ingots) and the technology used (cold rolling, hot rolling).

The greatest advantage of seamless pipes is their durability. Therefore, seamless pipes are used primarily in the construction of installations (for conducting gases and liquids), as structural elements, e.g. drilling, aircraft, motorcycle, bicycle, and for the production of special products, e.g. weapons.

As part of this type of pipes, we can offer steel pipes for the transmission of flammable media, pipes used in ambient and elevated temperatures, boiler pipes, fine grain steel pipes, cold-drawn precision pipes and many others.
Due to their strength properties, we recommend them for gas and liquid conductive installations and as structural elements.

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