Welded steel pipes

  Welded steel pipes are one of the two types of pipes, next to seamless pipes, and one of the pipe classifications based on the manufacturing method. Chronologically, seamed pipes appeared first.

For their production, steel strips and sheets are used, which are formed into the shape of a pipe, and its edges are joined using high temperature by the butt welding method, where, after heating their edges to a great temperature, they are joined by pressing these edges to each other on a continuous rolling mill. by obtaining a permanent connection, or by means of electric welding. The advantage of welded pipes is the possibility of obtaining large diameters.

Among the welded pipes we have steel pipes for flammable media, for steel structures, for operation under pressure both at room temperature (line) and for operation at increased temperature, for pressure equipment made of unalloyed and alloy steels, electrically welded, as well as welded pipes for applications at reduced temperature. They are used, among others in the construction of industrial networks.

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