Insulated steel pipes

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A necessary stage in the construction industry is proper anti-corrosion protection, i.e. protection of steel structures or pipelines against the influence of various types of external substances, such as water or various chemical compounds.
We use various types of insulation to protect the pipes, depending on the requirements and purpose of the pipes:
• three-layer polyethylene insulation - 3LPE according to DIN 30670,
• three-layer polypropylene insulation - 3LPP according to DIN 30678
• single-layer epoxy insulation - FBE according to DIN 30671
• Bituminous insulations ZO-1, ZO-2, ZO-3, ZM, WM, WW
• external insulation on 3LPE, 3LHDPE, 3LPP, EP pipes according to DIN 30670, DIN 30672, DIN 30678, DIN 30671
• Polyurethane internal and external insulation on PROTEC pipes. Standard of execution PN-EN ISO 12944; PN-EN 15655: 2009 and PN-EN 10290
• internal epoxy and polyurethane paint coatings
• inner cement coating on pipes
• Painting external and internal surfaces of pipes

• High resistance to mechanical damage,
• resistance to the effects of chemical agents, moisture, electric breakdown, high temperatures and ultraviolet rays,
• high adhesion of the insulation to the pipe surface,
• corrosion protection of underground pipelines for about 50 years,
• complete protection of steel pipe welds,
• possibility of joining insulated pipes without damaging the insulation,
• neutrality of the insulation towards the natural environment,
• unit resistance of the gas pipeline transition.

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