Fiber - steel fiber

Steel fiber is used for the production of FIBRO CONCRETE.

Steel fiber concrete is a type of concrete with dispersed reinforcement made of fine-grained or heavy concrete (concrete matrix), in which steel fibers are evenly distributed in the concrete for reinforcement.

Steel fiber concrete is recommended for the production of structures in which, compared to traditional reinforced concrete, the following technical advantages can be most effectively used:

• increased resistance to cracking, impact strength, brittle cracking, abrasion, frost resistance, cavitation;
• reduced shrinkage and creep;
• the possibility of using more effective design solutions than with conventional reinforcement, eg thin-walled structures, structures without the distribution of bars or distribution nets and transverse reinforcement, etc .;
• reduction of labor costs related to reinforcement, increasing the degree of mechanization and automation of the production of reinforced concrete structures, e.g. in prefabricated thin-walled coatings, folds, ribbed slabs of coverings and ceilings, prefabricated columns, beams, monolithic bottoms of tank structures, road and airport surfaces; monolithic and prefabricated floors of industrial buildings.