HDPE balls


In accordance with modern methods of securing the retention reservoirs and the needs of designers, IMPOSTAL, as a leader in the supply of steel products, decided to introduce the IMBALL system consisting in covering the retention reservoirs with plastic balls.

Imball balls are made of original or recycled HDPE high-density polyethylene.
Balls are widely used for all outdoor applications due to their particular weather, freezing and wind resistance.
UV stabilizers reduce the discoloration effect due to sunlight.
HDPE is recommended for most applications including demineralized water and chromic acid applications.

Description Reinforced hollow plastic balls
Construction 100% uniform embossed ball
Diameter 100 mm
Average weight 40-45g
Quantity per m² 116
Working temperature range -50 ° C / +95 ° C
Assumed lifetime min. 5 years

Impo Steel Pipe Protection (ISPP)®