Piles for tight steel walls.
Steel sheet piling maintaining the difference in ground levels is made of rolled profiles equipped with locks on the edges. Such walls can be hammered, vibrated and pressed.

- Excavation casings for the construction of parking lots, basements, pumping stations, foundations, etc.
- Construction of a bulkhead
- Construction of breakwaters and partitions
- Creating barriers to the flow of groundwater
- Cantilever retaining walls,
- Retaining walls anchored in the ground,
- Structures of permanent walls of tunnels,
- Bridge abutments in railway and road bridges, chambers for drilling
- Retaining walls for railways
- Emergency repair of flood embankments
- Formwork for the foundation lining

The piles and sheet piles are installed sequentially to the designed depth along the planned perimeter of the trench or breakwater. The wall profiles fit tightly, creating a wall of a temporary or permanent trench casing with a reduced inflow of groundwater. If necessary, anchors or internal stiffeners are installed to bear the horizontal forces.

- Use of recycled profiles as part of a sustainable economy
Available in numerous combinations of size and weight
- Immediate barrier to prevent soil landslides during excavation of the trench
- Fixed steel walls are designed for a long service life

Impo Steel Pipe Protection (ISPP)®