As a result of the degradation process, numerous impurities, rust or cavities appear, therefore, in order to protect against the inevitable passage of time and many damages caused by external and internal factors, anti-corrosion protection is used. Appropriate anti-corrosion protection of the steel structure is a decisive factor for its durability, therefore our company guarantees the highest quality of service at every stage. Our offer includes:

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In order to protect steel structures against corrosion, painting is used. The method we work with guarantees that the structure is perfectly covered with a paint coating for each order. We only use high-class paint coatings that are selected individually for the structure or made in accordance with the design. For this purpose, we use specialized top-class equipment. Compliance with the applicable standards in the field of the environment of use of steel structures
We take care of the best possible performance of each service of painting steel structures commissioned to us, taking into account all the needs and requirements of the client. We use the RAL color for painting, the digital markings of which correspond to different colors. The customer can choose any color from a wide range of colors, because the price of painting depends on the color chosen.
We paint steel structures in accordance with the applicable PN-EN ISO 12944-2 standard, which presents the categories of atmospheric corrosivity:
C1 - very low corrosivity
C2 - low corrosivity
C3 - medium corrosivity
C4 - high corrosivity
C5 - very high corrosivity

As well as the categories of water and soil corrosivity:

Im 1 - fresh water
Im 2 - salt water
Im 3 - the ground

according to EN 12068 - B30 standard compliance with 3LPE, 3LPP, EP, PE, Bit

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