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HOT-DIP GALVANIZING - GILLMET Sp. z o.o. - in the highest quality according to the PN-EN ISO 1461 standard. Hot dip galvanizing is the most effective method of protecting steel against corrosion. It is a process by which a zinc alloy coating is formed on the surface of steel products, which forms a solid metallic layer, both on the outside and inside, e.g. closed profiles or pipes. The corrosion resistance of hot-dip galvanized steel reaches several dozen years.
In order to obtain the highest-quality zinc coating, the steel structure must be properly prepared for the hot-dip galvanizing process and steel with the correct chemical composition should be used. The hot-dip galvanizing process takes place at a temperature of about 450 ° C, so steel elements are exposed to high temperatures. One should also pay attention to the proper execution of technological holes in order to vent the structure in the zinc bath. All information regarding the proper preparation of elements intended for hot-dip galvanizing can be found on our website in the tab "rules for preparing the structure". For more information, please contact our technical department, who will be happy to answer your questions. By starting cooperation with us, we give our clients the certainty that the obtained zinc coating will be of the highest quality.

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