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NDT tests

Non-destructive testing / NDT - our non-destructive testing NDT of welded structures enables the detection, location and elimination of any discontinuities. In accordance with the requirements of applicable standards and Classification Societies to which a given construction is subject, we also search for unacceptable defects that may have arisen during production.

NDT tests of structures are also to check whether a given object is suitable for further operation, e.g. in the event of a failure or justified concerns about its condition. Both NDTs are necessary to obtain the necessary measurements and obtain the statistical results needed to make a judgment on their condition. Thanks to them, it is possible to monitor the entire product life cycle and eliminate defects and prevent breakdowns. Carrying out non-destructive tests at every stage of production or operation guarantees an appropriate level of safety.
The scope of non-destructive testing:

MT - Magnetic - Powder,
PT - Penetration,
RT - Radiographic,
UT - Ultrasonic,
VT - Visual.

Benefits of the performed test:

confirmation of the quality of products and materials,
minimization of costs resulting from unplanned stoppages in production,

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