Cut to size


Cutting with a band saw is a mechanical type of processing of metal products and elements with a serrated steel band that moves with the help of two co-rotating wheels.
It is designed for cutting construction materials, alloy steels, stainless and high-speed steels, light alloys and non-ferrous metals.
The advantage of cutting with a band saw is
- Cutting precision
- Speed
- High-quality surface
- Metal saving
- No side melting, no hardening effect

Thermal tube cutting is one of the most popular methods of cutting metals, especially low-alloy and low-carbon steels. It consists in bringing the stream of a gas mixture (propane-oxygen) to a high speed, which causes oxidation and melting of the cut metal along its entire thickness and ejecting the oxidation reaction products and liquid metal from the cutting gap. The cutting area is heated to the appropriate temperature by the heat of combustion of the combustible gas - acetylene or a propane-butane mixture.
Functional features of the gas cutting method

- a very large range of cutting thickness
- good cutting quality on thicker materials
- perpendicular cutting edges
- possibility of automation
- possibility of cutting at various angles

- large heat affected zone
- it is not possible to cut high-alloy steels and - with high carbon content
- extended breakthrough time through the material
- low cutting speed

The use of the gas cutting method

Gas cutting is used wherever there is a need to cut thicker materials made of ordinary steel. Due to the low equipment and operating costs, and at the same time great possibilities, the scope of application of this method is very wide and its scope covers both home works, workshops and large enterprises.