Steel is a unique material, thanks to its unique property it can be combined with other steel elements. Welding is the primary way to permanently connect the material.
The plant is certified for the production of steel structures in the scope of EN 1090-2 and EN ISO 3834-2 in the EX3 quality class.
Our company specializes in arc welding in active gas shield with consumable electrode - MAG (135) and MIG (131) Metal electrode welding in inert gas shield, 111 Manual arc welding, 114 Self-shielding arc welding with flux cored wire (TIG) 141 Tungsten electrode welding shielded inert gases, 138 arc welding in the shield of active gas with a cored wire with a metal cored and 136 arc welding in a gas shield with rutile flux cored wire.
Thanks to a qualified team, Impostal is able to process elements for various industry sectors, ensuring timely and accurate execution. Thanks to the awareness of our employees, our company focuses on quality welding, which ensures the safety of all connected structures and devices, and most of all the people who use them.
We have professional technical facilities with modern LINCOLN and LORCH welding units.

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